What is a Micro-dermabrasion?
Micro-dermabrasion is a non invasive cosmetic procedure that resurfaces the upper layers of the skin by using crystals to exfoliative the skin while a microvaccum removes the dead skin cells. The treatment removes the top layer of dead skin cells and in doing so it accelerates new skin cell production and promotes collagen as well as elastin growth . It diminishes the appearance of acne scars and fine wrinkles , it improves skin texture and colour . Revealing a more youthful looking appearance.
Does Micro-dermabrasion actually work?
Absolutely! Micro-dermabrasion is safe and very effective in removing dead skin cells. It leaves no scarring or color change and can work on all skin types. It’s not however the most effective treatment for stretch marks, aged wrinkles and scars.
What are the benefits of a Micro-dermabrasion?
Because of the deep ex foliating nature of the treatment, Micro-dermabrasion will improve the appearance skin concerns such as, fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, age spots, Blackheads, acne scars, Skin tone and Enlarge pores. An excellent treatment for a healthier and brighter looking complexion.
How often should a micro-dermabrasion be performed?
Different factors will decide on the number of treatments and the intervals at which they will be needed. To start a treatment every two weeks is recommended to tackle specific skin care concerns and then once every four weeks to maintain your skin’s new appearance.
Is Micro-dermabrasion treatment painful?
No, micro-dermabrasion is not painful. A slight tugging or pinching of the skin may be felt during treatment. Some may argue that the sensation is like a cats tongue licking the skin.
How long will micro-dermabrasion last?
On average, the treatment lasts about one month. Depending on your age and current skin condition, the duration may be longer.
Is Micro-dermabrasion for everyone?
The short answer is no. Although Micro-dermabrasion is very effective and suitable for many, it’s not recommended for everyone. People with deep scars, lesions, skin cancer, late stage acne, active rosacea and auto-immune system disorder should steer clear of Micro-dermabrasion and seek an alternative instead.

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